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Вакансия от 30 июля 2018

Lifeguard в Дубае

1 900 - 2 280 Dh
service charge, полная занятость, среднее образование, опыт работы от 2 лет
Gabaziani Mari, regional HRна Флагма с 1 февраля 2018
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Описание вакансии


Personality wise, you will be required to be friendly and welcoming at all times and have a calming attitude about you to reassure guests that they and their children are safe. You must be responsible, mature and be able to think on your feet, working well under pressure.

Условия работы

To work as a lifeguard you are responsible for every swimmer at the resort, whether they are experienced or not, and whether they are children or adults. Your job is to ensure safety at the pools or at the resort’s private beach. This includes making the swimming area safe, by getting rid of dangerous objects, encouraging safe play in the water and watching out for weaker swimmers.


  • Deliver excellent customer service to all that utilize the facility and serve our diverse population.
  • Participate in and help facilitate staff training.
  • If unable to work, find a substitute and complete the substitution form.
  • Perform patron surveillance using all senses while guarding.
  • Work as a team with other lifeguards during special events.
  • Record daily participation numbers and complete daily activity reports.
  • Tests the water record results, and report imbalances to supervisor.
  • Set up pool for various activities such as laps, classes, etc.
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