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vegetable melted butter в ОАЭ

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Sell wholesale Spread (Analog of butter)
Оптовая цена
4 467 - 8 017 Dh/т
Oure Company constantly sell wholesale Spread (Analog of butter) Spread is a quality product based on a mixture of vegetable and milk fats. The main advantage of the spread is its plastic consistency and light creamy taste. It is analog of butter, but the spread does not contain cholesterin.
7 июл 2018
Combined vegetable melted butter (Masloff) 99.7%
1.05 $/шт FCA
Combined vegetable melted butter "Appetito" is often used to soften the taste of the dish and give it a creamy flavor. Combined vegetable melted butter is added to pilaf, roast meat, terrines and all kinds of pastries. Sometimes in recipes with ghee this product is used to make a frying for the
26 мар 2021
Ukrainian food
100 Dh/шт
Good afternoon. Our holding is engaged in the production and sale of food products, such as vegetable (sunflower) oil, butter, flour and sugar. For the sake of being new partners.
26 авг
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vegetable melted butter
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