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Granules from flax are an ideal filler for horses, rabbits .
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от 320 €/т DAP
Our company LSM Pellet is a manufacturer granules from the fires of flax. Deep processing of flax technology allows to create waste-free production, and use intermediate products from the processing of flax and waste from processing at the junction of various industries. For example, our company
4 июл 2018
Compound Feed for Broilers - Best Mix
Compound Feed for Broilers - Best Mix
Compound Feed for Broilers - Best Mix
+2 фото
Compound Feed for Broilers - Best Mix
450 $/т FOB  
опт 300 - 400 $/т
Compound feed is a profitable option for both: private farming and corporate livestock farms. Using of compound feeds simplify maintenance and reduce costs because vitamin-mineral and medicinal supplements are included. Generally, the secret lies in the correctly selected formulation, which
14 фев 2020
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