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Honey Filling Machine
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Jar Honey Filling Machine Jar filling and capping are integrated in one machine Precise filling PLC control, user-friendly screen for easy operation Stable, efficient, Ideal for Honey Fill and cap different size and different types of jars Stainless Steel Cover and Water Gauge
+21 объявление
11 ноя 2019
Creaming honey machine
Цена по запросу
The Normit CH plants are a universal high-performance system, which, thanks to its modular design and a wide range of options, can be used for producing cream honey, both in large as well as in small quantities, and regardless of the quality of the initial product. All versions of the Normit CH
+1 объявление
29 июл 2022
Honey Homogenizer / creamer 100 kg
1 464 €/шт
Honey Homogenizer 100 kg Homogenizer/creamer 100 kg The creamer/homogenizer is a reliable, easy to clean tool. All our creamers come with safety shut-off electronics, which shuts off the machine the second you open the lid. Our creaming rod ensures complete creaming of your honey. We offer both
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27 сен 2019
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