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Кормовые добавки
1 Dh/шт
Наша компания ищет дистрибьютеров по продаже нашей продукции в разных странах.
29 мар 2022
Корм витаминный комплекс для лошадей
105 $/мешок EXW
Корма витаминный комплекс, для лошадей и КРС, фасовка 20 кг, ватсап . Например, витаминный комплекс Бридинг, для жеребых кобыл и жеребят и производителей, способствует рождению жеребенка с витаминным запасом в организме, который укрепляет иммунную систему, благодаря чему вырастает здоровое
4 янв 2021
Granulated feed - Herbacon Classic, Basic and Mix
Granulated feed - Herbacon Classic, Basic and Mix - фото 1
Granulated feed - Herbacon Classic, Basic and Mix - фото 2
+1 фото
Granulated feed - Herbacon Classic, Basic and Mix - фото 3
260 Dh/т EXW
The company "Herbacon GmbH" Germany, produces granulated feed and additives for herbivores: For chickens, chickens, broilers, goats, rams, calves, cows, horses, camels, etc. We offer high quality feed. Packing: big-bag (1000 kg) Ingredients: Oats, barley, corn, sorghum, 100% natural herbal
26 ноя 2020
12 $/кг DDP  
опт 12 $/кг
Доброго времени суток у нас есть Артемии цисты 120 тонн (навал в мешках) то есть вес мешков примерно по 40 кг Выклев 78-83% Сорность 3-4% Влажность 15-20% Место добычи Аральское Море сторона республики Каракалпакистан (Республика Узбекистан) Муйнакский раион Акватория Аральского моря Вам куда
20 окт 2018
Pringles 40
Pringles 40 - фото 1
Pringles 40 - фото 2
+8 фото
Pringles 40 - фото 3
0.60 €/шт FCA
Wholesale Pringles chips from Poland. Large wholesale. Machine norms. From 33 pallets. Maximum loading 40 grams is 66 pallets. Wholesale supply of household chemicals and food products from Europe. World brands Procter & Gamble, Henkel, Unilever. Very large assortment. Large wholesale. Machine...
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11 мар
Feed for animals and birds
1 $/т FOB
Feed - Sunflowerseed Oilcake, Linseed Oilcake, Rapeseed Oilcake. Corn cake, Soyabean meal and cake, oat, Wheat bran pellets, Soyabean and Sunflowerseed hulls, Sunflower seed meal and cake pellets. Any feeds for animals and birds… Mr. Angel Malinovski Ukraine Office, Kiev - Odessa
+7 объявлений
28 апр 2023
Compound Feed for Broilers - Best Mix
Compound Feed for Broilers - Best Mix - фото 1
Compound Feed for Broilers - Best Mix - фото 2
+2 фото
Compound Feed for Broilers - Best Mix - фото 3
450 $/т FOB  
опт 300 - 400 $/т
Compound feed is a profitable option for both: private farming and corporate livestock farms. Using of compound feeds simplify maintenance and reduce costs because vitamin-mineral and medicinal supplements are included. Generally, the secret lies in the correctly selected formulation, which
14 фев 2020
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Anionic phylactic feed additive "VitaAnion"
Цена по запросу
VitaAnion - anionic phylactic feed additive for dry cow within 2-3 weeks before calving. Package: 30 kg in multilayer paper bag with PE inlet Producer: Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus Composition: High containing of anions (chloride and sulphur) provides negative cathode-anion balance, that in
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22 июн 2020
Specialized granulated feed concentrate "Granufeed"
Цена по запросу
Granufeed - specialized granulated feed concentrate for muesli and texturized feeds production for calves at the age of 4-180 days. Package: 25 kg in multilayer paper bag. Producer: Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus Composition: This product contains ideal proportion of rumen digestible and
+13 объявлений
22 июн 2020
Fodder Yeast (After-alcohol) 40% protein
300 $/т
After-alcohol Fodder Yeast - Is an effective, environmentally friendly feed additive, consisting mainly of protein, which is using for feeding the livestock and poultry. Fodder yeast is the most valuable protein additive that allows you to achieve excellent results in the fattening of cattle,
+2 объявления
19 авг 2022
DDGS (Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles ) Corn DDGS 35%
170 $/т
DDGS (Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles ) Corn DDGS is a by-product of the alcohol industry. It is obtained in the production of bioethanol, which is used as a fuel additive. It can also be a partial replacement for soy flour or other protein sources. Soluble Dehydrated Grains (DDGS) are a
+2 объявления
18 авг 2022
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