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raspberry в Дубае

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Регион Дубай
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Продам замороженную малину с Украины c Euro 1
Оптовая цена
от 5.20 €/кг
Продам замороженную малину в Украине c Euro 1 80/20 Идеальное качество Фасовка картонная коробка 10 кг FCA 5.2€ Euro 1 Sertificat of quality Selling frozen raspberries in Ukraine with Euro1 80/20 Perfect quality packed in a cardboard box weighing 10 kg FCA 5.2€ Euro 1 Sertificat of quality
23 сен 2021
10 Dh/кг EXW
We are looking for partners for growing berries for UAE. Ecologically clean place near the mountains. We can commit ourselves. We can commit ourselves to growing and transporting.
14 мая 2018
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Frozen fruits from Moldova
Frozen fruits from Moldova
Frozen fruits from Moldova
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Frozen fruits from Moldova
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Shock-type freezing of fruits and vegetables. The finished product is exported to both, the European Community and the Russian Federation. The company has refrigerators with a storage capacity of more than 1 000 tonnes. Today we have in stock the following products:  Frozen pitted sour cherry
20 мар
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