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Изоляционные материалы, компании в ОАЭ

Dalwee FZE, FZE
0.0 11 фев 2023

Dalwee FZE. is into Trading of Cleanroom Systems (Modular Cleanrooms, Air showers, Pass Boxes, Air Curtains, Sanitary/ Hygienic profiles, Laminar Air Flow etc.), Central Ventilators & Air Filters, Catering Equipment (Ovens, Grills, Dishwashers, Cold rooms, Chillers, Warmers and refrigerators,...

0.0 25 янв 2023

FIRE RATED and CIVIL DEFENSE approved INSULATED sandwich panels (rock wool core) These panels have varied uses which range from roofing, cladding, walls/partitions, ceiling etc. Van International fzc is a long standing (Estd. in the year 2007), and respected manufacturer. These rock wool core...

Insulation Technologies, FZE
-1.0 10 янв 2017

Since 2009 we manufacture and supply insulation materials for private consumers as well as businesses of all, without exception, industrial areas, including: oil and gas, energy, automotive, construction, railway, shipbuilding, agricultural industries, as well as for housing and communal...

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