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Chocolate Production Equipment for Mini Factory 15 kg/h

Chocolate Production Equipment for Mini Factory 15 kg/h
Chocolate Production Equipment for Mini Factory 15 kg/h - фото 1
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15 500 /штука
Условия поставки: EXW любой город Германии
Киев, UA
на Флагма с 12 сентября 2019
Averkov Alexander
general Manager


Chocolate Production Equipment for Mini Factory 15 kg/h
We are often asked, "What equipment does need to start a chocolate business?" In the big cities of the world, there are small shops behind the glass, which show their confectionery production at the highest level. This equipment is suitable for this purpose. The 120 mm glazing machine has a capacity of 15 kg and will be supplied as a simple desktop model. The standard model is equipped with a removable 1-meter offtake conveyor to cool the finished goods on paper. This is the minimum budget option for beginners.

120 mm enrober with 1m take-off-table and paper roll - 9.900,00 EURO + packaging 100,00 EURO = 10.000,00 EURO

With a paper roll - an ideal addition for each machine for cooling.

Mini molding machine

The mini molding machine is a smaller table model with a capacity of about 15 kg of chocolate - an ideal molding machine for chocolate, bars, hollow shapes, hardening and for daily use in confectioneries and bakeries. Even here you can remove the tank and adjust the output amount of chocolate by changing the speed of the chocolate circle. The machine is equipped with a beautiful body, which can be completely closed. The perfect complement is the Vibration Table - a vibrating table.

Capacity: 15 kg / Dimensions: L 780 mm x W 560 mm x B 730 mm / weight 47 kg.

Mini-moulding machine 3.800,00 EURO

vibration table - 850,00 EURO

Mini-cutter: ideal for traveling (show) confectioners who do not want to do without their equipment, it is also suitable for small rooms. The device is only 180 x 180 mm. The base consists of anodized aluminum;

All other parts are made of stainless steel.

Various options are available on request.

Mini-Praline Cutter 7,5 мм:

The base of the cutter Mini-Praline 180 x 180 mm - 460,00 EURO

Cutting frame 15 mm - 290,00 EURO

Cutting frame 22,5 mm - 290,00 EURO

Cutting frame 30 mm - 290,00 EURO

Cutting frame 37,5 mm - 290,00 EURO

Cutter Mini-Praline 5 mm:

The basis of the cutter Mini-Praline

180 x 180 mm - 485,00 EURO

Cutting frame 10 mm - 290,00 EURO

Cutting frame 15 mm - 290,00 EURO

Cutting frame 20 mm - 290,00 EURO

Cutting frame 25 mm - 290,00 EURO

Mini-sheet for casting 180x180x10 (12/13/15) - 34,00 EURO

Mini-foil for molding on sheet - 8,00 EURO

Mini molding frames 180 x 180 x 10 (5,6,15) mm - 37,00 EURO

Set Mini Coat-Nougat-Frames 8 frames, 1 scraper + 1 stainless steel plate on the inside: 180 mm x 180 mm - 250,00 EURO

After-sales service.

We always do the utmost for our customers. Their satisfaction is a guarantee of the quality of our products. Therefore, we support the customer during all stages, from choosing the most suitable machine to purchase, guaranteeing all necessary spare parts and consumables and providing our constant telephone and local assistance, at any time and in the shortest possible time.


The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace all defective parts within 12 months from the date of starting the equipment, except for electric, electronic and wear-prone parts. The equipment is removed from the warranty, if not used for its intended purpose. In case of repair or replacement, all costs for transportation, accommodation of the technician/s are paid by the buyer.  

Installation is optional, not included in the price. The shipment period is approximately 15 days.

Note: the price includes packaging.

Manufacturer: Germany

Price from the factory: from 15.500,00 EURO

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,  Киев, UA
на Флагма с 12 сентября 2019

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