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Asphalt Recycler RА-800

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Asphalt Recycler RА-800 - фото 1 Asphalt Recycler RА-800 - фото 2 Asphalt Recycler RА-800 - фото 3 Asphalt Recycler RА-800 - фото 4 Asphalt Recycler RА-800 - фото 5 Asphalt Recycler RА-800 - фото 6 Asphalt Recycler RА-800 - фото 7
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36 520 /штука
на Флагма с 11 апреля 2018
Matviichuk Iryna
export manager


Asphalt Recycler RA-800 with its own motor and hydraulic drive is a mobile complex for asphalt production / processing. This equipment can produce 800 kg of high quality asphalt mixture per every 15-20 minutes from asphalt scrap, milling, bitumen, crushed stone, sand, as well as allows you to heat up the working material and work with it on site for paving / replacement of asphalt.

- Productivity (per hour): 1800-2100 kg of asphalt (excluding material loading time).
- Capacity of the hydraulic station oil tank - 30 liters.
- Capacity of the burner fuel tank - 100 liters.
- Engine type: diesel generator 7.5 kW, (10 hp).
- Heating with a diesel burner (Italy).
- Type of control - manual.
- Mixture heating temperature - 120-180 ° C.
- Type of stirring device drive - hydraulic.
- Transport speed with full load - 20 km / h.
- Operated by two men.

Polish company TICAB (Trade Industrial Company AB) is the manufacturer of modern professional road repair equipment. With 10 years of experience in mechanical engineering, the company has developed and launched a line of quality road equipment, which is trusted by professionals from 43 countries.
TICAB TM is one of the production enterprises in Europe in the field of road repair equipment, which is developing most rapidly.
The success of the company was ensured by the availability of its own design office, dozens of patented engineering developments, high qualification of production workers. The specialists of the company carry out a thorough quality control of the products at all stages of production. This has become a guarantee of reliability and high performance of equipment made by TM TICAB.

Our machinery and equipment provides:
- All-season using
- High profitability and fast return on investment
- High speed of repair works
- One year warranty service

Patented technology
We have exclusive ownership rights to manufacture the equipment and guarantee its high quality and reliability.

Certificate of conformity
When ordering equipment and service in our company, you always get a full guarantee and are insured against expensive repairs.

Maximum economy
The innovative technology used in the development of our equipment will help reduce the cost of any repair of roads.

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Работает на Флагма с 11 апреля 2018
Matviichuk Iryna
export manager
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Matviichuk Iryna
Matviichuk Iryna
export manager
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Asphalt Recycler RА-800
36 520 €/штука ID: 1743144
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