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Job renewed 9 May 2021

Dentist- Orthodont in Dubai

Dh 8,000-40,000
full time, higher education
Ukolova Anstasiia, business assistantFlagma member since 15 April 2021
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Job description

PODRUZHKI medical center is looking for an experienced orthodontist who has the following competencies:

-Reception of patients, including:
- Fixed prosthetics;
- Prosthetics with metal and non metal structures;
- Prosthetics with implants of various systems;
- Making temporary crowns;
- Removable prosthetics;
- Complete removable and partial prosthetics;
- Working with a dental X-ray machine and a computed tomograph;
- Installation of veneers / lumineers;
- Installation of braces;
- Competent planning of heating works.

We have more than 150 branches in Russia and Europe and now we enter Dubai!
We guarantee stable customer flow and let our employees earn as much as possible according to the principle of fair pay: the more you work - the more you get paid.

* Salary to be discussed based on a interview, we are ready to discuss different conditions based on the qualifications of a specialist.

We will be glad if you join our team!

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