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Sulpholiquid98 (Colloidal Liquid Sulfur)

Sulpholiquid98 (Colloidal Liquid Sulfur)
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Sulpholiquid98 (Colloidal Liquid Sulfur) - photo 1 Sulpholiquid98 (Colloidal Liquid Sulfur) - photo 2 Sulpholiquid98 (Colloidal Liquid Sulfur) - photo 3
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We offer liquid mineral and organic fertilizers with high concentrate of colloidal sulfur.
• In high pH soils, the main cause of yield decline is that phosphorus and trace elements (iron, manganese and zinc) are not moving. The most effective and economical way to remove it is the use of colloidal liquid sulphur.
• The biggest advantage of colloidal liquid sulphur is that the sulphur in its formulation is in the form of S not SO3, compared to all other products.
• The elemental sulphur in the colloidal liquid sulphur structure is processed in the form of very small particles in the soil in accordance with oxidation and begins oxidation in a week. It completes oxidation at the latest in a month.
• Since all S in it is less than 1 micron, it can be used in drip irrigation, sprinkler and spray systems. Besides, it doesn’t inflict damage on the equipment.
• Although powder sulphur has 3 to 4 years of resolution in the soil, liquid sulphur reaches effective power and efficiency with in 2 or 4 weeks.
• It can be used in all stages of development of the plant before and after planting.
• Organic farming is one of the rare substances allowed in soil improvement.
• It is the most effective product that regulates and decreases the lime and salinity ratio in the soil as soon as possible.
• It increases the resistance of the products to freezing and the durability of the winter.
• İt helps the product mature sooner.
• It doesn’t damage the greenhouse.

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