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Frame-panel houses
200/sq m  
Wholesale price
€150-200/sq m
Our company "CITY-HOUSE" is a manufacturer of the frame-panel houses based on Canadian technology, located in Ukraine. With the extensive...
Thermal wood house.
5,000/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Dh 4,500-4,700/pc
Термообробка, LLC, UA +2 ads
Manufacturing of frame-panel houses made of thermal wood. Thermal wood is a durable and natural material, protected from the influence of pests,...
3d wood wall panels
45/sq m FCA  
Wholesale price
€40-120/sq m
Пивнич, LLC, UA
We manufacture and supply different kind of 3d wood wall panels
Panels for facing of building Kmew (Japan)
Wholesale price
Dh 121-217/sq m
Panels for facing of building Kmew (Japan) On the pages of the Internet store (the link is You can find a huge selection of colors and textures...
Peat moss for green houses
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +2 ads
Peat moss are manufactured for growing plants of vegetable flowery decorative cultures under the conditions of greenhouse factories (orangery)...
Wood house
Price on request
Карпат Буд-Сервіс, PE, UA
We are ready to produce products quickly and qualitatively according to your projects and technical conditions.
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA
Litech Aqua Desolt - reverse osmosis systems, which are developed using advanced 3D modeling and software for designing accurate processes. Our...
Briquettes equipment
Price on request
БиоСтарИнжиниринг, CJSC, BY +1 ad
We produce equipment for the disposal of sawdust, chip, waste, agriculture in environmentally friendly fuel (fuel briquettes). Main technical...
Lucent USA ITU-T G. 655 216 Fibers 480 km (8 Eur/meter)
40/m EXW  
Wholesale price
Forrteam, Kft, HU
Lucent USA ITU-T G.655 216 Fibers 480 km (8 Eur/meter) Manufacturer: Lucent USA Type: ITU-T G.655 Fibers: 216 Fibers (Ribbon Arrangement) Housing:...
Livestock and ostrich chicks
Price on request
Nkos Agro Farms, PLC, ZA
Nkosi Agro Farms Pty Ltd, primary goal is to supply the highest quality animals at the most competitive price. Through our rigid selection...
Sugar Icumsa 45
Wholesale price
Green House, LLC, UA
Refined cane sugar icumsa-45. Price negotiable, depending on the volume. Origin: Brazil technical characteristics of refined sugar...
$39/t FOB  
Wholesale price
Jukon konstruction, SIA, LV
I will sell coal 1 000 € / t i will sell i will sell coal ship parties brand grade moisture,% ash,% heat burned. Kcal / kg niss. (not below)...
Halal Meat Beef Half/Quarter Carcasses
Wholesale price
from $2.80/t FCA
Агросоюз-Захид, PE, UA +2 ads
We offer Halal Beef (bulls under 2 years) chilled/frozen: - half carcasses; - quarter carcasses; - packaging in stockinette. Agrosoyuz-Zahid is a...
Peat moss for growing seedlings
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +2 ads
The pressed peat moss briquettes (tablets) is manufactured for growing seedlings of various vegetable, flowery and decorative cultures under...
Thermo wood
20/sq m EXW  
Wholesale price
€17-18/sq m
Термообробка, LLC, UA +2 ads
The company LLC Termoobrobka produces molded products from thermally treated wood of different sizes and wood species. Decking, deck, front...
Halal Meat Beef wholesale export
Wholesale price
$3-3.85/t FCA
Агросоюз-Захид, PE, UA +2 ads
We offer Halal Boneless Beef Meat (bulls under 2 years): - chilled/frozen boneless beef in cuts: neck, shoulder, rib, striploin, shank, brisket,...
Peat moss for landscaping
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +2 ads
Sphagnum peat moss from Russia for agricultural industry and landscape design. Pressed sphagnum peat moss slabs are the finished product for...
Drying cabinet for fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs
6,000/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Термообробка, LLC, UA +2 ads
Inside, the drying cabinet is made of food sheet aluminum, insulated with foam plastic and sealed with silicone sealant. Exterior of the cabinet...
Halal Meat Mutton (Lamb) wholesale export
Wholesale price
$3.45-3.50/t FCA
Агросоюз-Захид, PE, UA +2 ads
We offer Halal Lamb/Mutton Meat (lambs under 12 months): 1) lamb carcasses chilled/frozen: - packed in stockinette and chilling box (on customer's...
Мебельный щит, сосна, сращенный, edge glue panel
500/cu m FCA  
Wholesale price
from €450/cu m
НОР ТУН, LLC, UA +2 ads
The edge glue panel is a high-quality eco-friendly product made of wood, which is used for making furniture, stairs, interior items, flooring, for...
Dh 400/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
from Dh 350/pc
Астык Импекс, LLC, RU
Мука пшеничная для Хлебзаводов особые условия МПО Хлебный дом Казахстан предлагает муку произведенную из зерна высокого класса, продукция из...
Price on request
ТимберВуд, LLC, RU
We produce lumber according to your size. Lumber export. The board is cut, planed, calibrated, lining, the wall panel, a floor board. pallet...
От Производителя. Пеллеты, Брикеты, Стружка, Щепа, Опилки
Dh 87/t EXW  
Wholesale price
Dh 87/t
Warm House Russia Group, LLC, RU
От производителя. . + Доставка РФ / Экспорт, Европа, Азия Доставка до Вашего Адреса, Логистика. . . Оперативная связь 24/7 . Viber / Whats App...
Пиломатериалы сосновые
$160/cu m
Вихарев, CJSC, UA
Предлагаем Fresh timber without antiseptic: $ 160 per 1 cubic meter in terms of delivery fca kiev, ukraine $ 185 per 1 cubic meter in terms of...
MTU 16V4000M90 marine propulsion engines * 3, 650нр new 2008
Price on request
Eurotruck Center, LLC, RU
2x new MTU 16V4000M90 * 3,650нр rpm, (2008 y. p.) 16V4000 M90 , 16V 4000 M90 tier II propulsion marine engines for sale! Warranty: Currently...
PM-250. Cherry pitting (destoning) machine (200–300 kg/h)
Сталатс, LLC, RU
Cherry pitting (destoning) machine PM-250 (200 – 300 kg/h) is designed to removing kernels out of fresh berries of cherry. We are excited to...
Промышленная база - Industrial Park in Kazakhstan
La Creation, LLP, KZ
Administrative & industrial complex. Total area is 6626.8 square meters. The land plot is 2.9912 hectares. On the territory there are: 11...
The Line without dryer 1500 - 2000 kg/h
62,000/pc EXW
БиоСтарИнжиниринг, CJSC, BY +1 ad
Screw press 1 piece Augeer feeder 1 piece Storage hopper итель 1 piece Transporter 1 piece Control panel 1 piece A good buy for your...
Glued profiled beam Брус, сосна сращенный, профилированный
470/cu m FCA  
Wholesale price
from €460/cu m
НОР ТУН, LLC, UA +2 ads
The bar practically does not crack, is not subject to deformation and does not change its shape during operation. Shrinkage of laminated veneer...
Square-sawn timber of any section, брус, сосна
Dh 150/cu m FCA  
Wholesale price
from Dh 125/cu m
НОР ТУН, LLC, UA +2 ads
The planed beam is subjected to additional processing, so its surface is smooth and even. This kind of material is often used for erecting...
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